Lacquer and nail polish

Discover the Sabina range of nail polish, lacquer and nail polish. Combine colors and effects on your nails for a fantasy look.

We have large brands such as Dior and OPI and various types of nail lacquers, such as semi-permanent, permanent and gel, so that your hands always look well cared for and presentable, with shades that adapt to any event or circumstance. Discover them all and build your collection!

What nail polish to buy?

At Sabina we know that our lifestyle defines many things and, although it sounds strange, it also influences the care of our hands and nails. Depending on your day-to-day activities, a semi-permanent or permanent nail polish may be better for you, with an ultra-bright finish and an intense color or pastel shades with less shine and a gel effect. Do you have any questions about which nail polish to choose? Do not forget that you can consult with one of our beauty advisors.

What is the best nail polish?

The main thing to choose a nail polish is the color: that you like and that helps you create a game with your wardrobe or look, from the classic reds and pinks, through the new nude tones that are on trend. Then you can look at its benefits such as fast drying, finish or shine, if the lacquer is permanent or semi-permanent, in its brush and even in its formula (some nail polishes have components that will leave them yellow or, on the contrary, have fortifiers and moisturizers). At Sabina we assure you that you will find the best options and brands of nail polish, as well as everything you need for a perfect manicure.

Permanent and semi-permanent nail polish

Although your nails will be perfect with permanent or semi-permanent polish, it is important that you know which is the ideal one. So what is the difference between permanent or semi-permanent nail polish? At Sabina we help you get to know them better.

For the permanent you need to use an ultraviolet light lamp in the drying step, since this way the formula of the lacquer is activated and adheres to your nail creating that permanence of up to 15 days. It is important that you keep in mind that removing it involves more care than traditional nail polish, so look for a solvent that takes care of your nails like this one from Dior.

The semi-permanent does not need ultraviolet light, since it does not create the fusion between enamel and nail that does occur with the permanent. It continues to last longer than a traditional nail polish, but due to its acrylic composition it provides a more natural look than permanent nail polish.

Choosing between one and the other will depend on your day to day, type of event or objective, as well as your tastes. And remember that if you want more information you can always visit our beauty blog.