Make-up concealers

Discover the range of concealer makeup for women of Sabina: concealers to conceal your dark circles, pimples or scars and get a natural look. Look flawless and flawless skin with the best makeup concealers, available for all skin types. Get now the concealer that best goes with you at an incredible price and conceals all kinds of marks or blemishes to get a professional makeup, natural-looking and in which the small defects of the face are not even noticeable.

Types of concealers

At Sabina we offer you different types of concealers. You can find cream concealers, moisturizing concealers and even illuminating concealers to give luminosity to your skin. In addition, you will find different shades of each of our items to suit every skin type.

Also note that, depending on the type of imperfection, a different color of concealer should be applied. For example, green concealer is recommended to cover redness and yellow concealer to conceal dark circles. If dark circles under the eyes are very pronounced and in bluish tones, professionals recommend using orange concealer.

How to use concealer correctly, before or after foundation?

One of the most repeated questions when talking about concealers is to know when is the perfect time to use it in our makeup routine. The process should start with choosing the right shade for your skin type. Once you have the right color you should know that, before the concealer, the foundation should be applied. This way, you will get a more neutral and natural finish on your face. Next, you should apply the highlighter to complete the look.

Find the best makeup concealers

Look flawless and flawless skin thanks to the variety of concealers makeup that we put at your disposal in Sabina. Armani, Clarins, Clinique, Dior or Yves Saint Laurent are some of the most prestigious makeup brands in the world and you can buy concealers at unique prices in our online store. Don't wait any longer and buy now your makeup concealer comfortably from home.