Lip gloss and lip gloss

Give your lips volume and shine thanks to the Gloss range from Sabina. Buy the lip gloss that best suits you and take advantage of our discounts.

It is your ally to get fuller and sexier lips quickly and whenever you want! And at Sabina you will get the best transparent and multi-colored gloss and lip gloss from incredible brands such as Armani, Clinique, Lancôme, Clarins or Sisley.

When to wear lip gloss?

Whenever you want! Any event or occasion is indicated to give a fuller and fresher look to your lips using any lip gloss. Of course, you can be attentive to the different trends, the time of year and your look to choose the best color ... or perhaps less is more with a transparent gloss. In Sabina you have more than 50 tones to choose your favorite.

What is the best lip gloss?

There are several factors to take into account when choosing the best gloss or gloss, such as your natural lip color, if you like it to have an aroma, flavor and even glitter (the brilli-brilli never hurts). The format is also important, since you get different glosses in a stick, pencil, brush or brush, so choose the most comfortable for you.

In Sabina you will get different shades and formats according to your taste, such as the CHUBBY STICK by Clinique, the ROUGE PUR COUTURE THE SLIM GLOW MATTE by Yves Saint Laurent, the MADEMOISELLE COOLING BALM by Lancôme, the WATER LIP STAIN by Clarins or the ECSTASY range by Armani.

Volumizing lip gloss and transparent gloss: two basics

Do you want to show off fuller lips and give your face more shine? Then the volumizing lip gloss and sheer gloss cannot be missing from your bag! And the best way to apply them? First, try not to overdo it when applying the product and start from the center of the lips towards the sides, avoiding reaching the edge of the lips. You can rub the lips to better distribute the shine or gloss.