Make-up cases

Discover the chests and makeup cases of Sabina. A large assortment of colors and brushes to have everything you need in one case.

If you are a makeup lover or you work professionally with it, our makeup cases and brushes will enchant you! In addition, they come in the best formats so that traveling with them is really comfortable and very practical when applying makeup.

What does a makeup case carry?

Currently there are many options! You can get makeup kits complete with eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, blushes, contours, compact powders and bronzers, eye and lip pencils, mascara, and brushes. Or, if you prefer, cosmetic cases with only shadows, lipsticks, contours or compact powders. In Sabina you will also get brushes and brushes in cases and loose from big brands such as Beter, Sisley, Urban Decay or Clinique.

Find the most complete makeup case

As we mentioned before, there are very complete case options that include everything you need to make a makeup with professional finishes. If this is what you are looking for, at Sabina you have it! The best? That you can have all the cases you want according to the color palettes you need to highlight more a look, the cheekbones or the lips.