Beauty adviser

Perfumerías Sabina, founded in 1973, is a symbol of excellence in the world of beauty, perfumery and cosmetics. Since its origins, we have dreamed of leading the beauty of women to the highest level offering them the luxury of being themselves.

We have always aimed to offer the best treatment, the best make-up and the most appropriate perfume for each situation. It is our desire to be a reference in the world of beauty and our obsession to celebrate femininity in its most universal aspect: to make the women of today more beautiful each time.

Why do we offer FREE beauty Advisor service?

The satisfaction of making each woman beautiful, to see her smile, imagining her happiness when she looks  in the mirror and feels unique, inspires us to continue daily counselling hundreds of women for free, so they can choose the most appropriate treatment for themselves.  And, of course... for him too, that is each day more encouraged to step into the world of beauty and cosmetics.

What type of relationship we have with our clients?

In Sabina, we seek long, sincere and lasting relationships. And we achieve them. Our most loyal clients trust us for many years; grandmothers, mothers and daughters share their experiences with us and that makes us feel lucky. Every woman who enters Sabina receives a professional and personalized service. Our best recommendation: to live UNIQUE EXPERIENCES provided by Perfumerías Sabina, and share it with your friends, whom we will welcome with open arms.

How can you advise me?

On our website we have, in addition to a detailed description of each product, a customer service number (928 721 243) that will cost just like a local call, and on the other side of the telephone line several advisors will answer every question and doubt that you may have.

Furthermore, in our live chat (at the foot of this website) you will attend you quickly and in a personalized approach throughout your purchase process to make your experience on our website unforgettable and so that, like as thousands of men and women, you trust your beauty to Sabina.

Can I stay up to date on what trends and beauty?

Of course! We have created a reference point for those who love to feel beautiful, our BEAUTY BLOG, which you can visit here. We will keep you updated so you do not miss out on anything!