Makeup bases

Unify the tone of your skin and prepare it for a perfect makeup with our foundation and makeup funds. Take advantage of our discounts.

At Sabina you get primers and makeup bases for all skin tones, so that you get a natural finish, and in various formats, so you can choose the one that best suits your skin type (dry, normal or oily). It is an essential in our toiletry bag and we have the best brands for you: Clinique, Lancôme, Sensai, Guerlain, Estée Lauder, Clarins and many more.

The best makeup foundations on the market

Buying a make-up base can be very interesting because you have to know well the skin of your face and know exactly how you want to look: do you want a natural touch for day-to-day or a make-up made for a special occasion? Coverage is the key when it comes to getting the best foundation. If what you are looking for is medium coverage, the ideal is that after applying it, use little makeup, so you will achieve a more natural look. If, on the other hand, you want to achieve a professional finish and use everything you have in makeup, you need a high coverage base.

Find the makeup base that goes with you

Once you have defined the coverage you want, you have to choose the tone, the format and if you want the makeup base to have any extra treatment. Remember that they are tested on the neck (not on the hand) and it is best to choose a tone less dark than yours. For a more tanned look or a good-looking effect, choose a darker shade. At Sabina we have different options and more than 200 shades of makeup base.

For oily and dry skin

If you know your skin type, you will know how to choose wisely the best format for your primer or makeup base. If your skin is oily, always look for oil-free fluids (they leave a matte finish), mousse, powder or pearl ones. If your skin is dry, you should choose a fluid or powder foundation that hydrates your skin (some even contain hyaluronic acid), as this will prevent your final makeup from looking flaky or cracked over time.

Waterproof foundation

No matter the humidity, sweat or high temperatures, at Sabina you will get waterproof makeup bases from the best brands so that your face always looks flawless. They are ideal for the summer! And a plus to take better care of your skin? There are also those with a sun protection factor.