Cleansing milks, lotions, creams and micellar water

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To maintain a healthy, youthful and luminous skin, it is essential to cleanse your face in the morning and at night. In the morning to remove night skincare products and treatments and at night to cleanse your face of make-up, dust, dirt and impurities that we trap during the day.

Cleansing milks, lotions, creams and micellar waters should be part of your cleansing routine and, more importantly, you should know how to choose the best option for your skin type. That's why at Sabina we want to offer you the widest range of cleansers on the market, so you can choose the option that best suits you.

What does a cleansing cream do?

The function of a cleansing cream is to remove dirt from the skin of the face. This dirt can be make-up, excess sebum, dead skin cells, dust, tobacco smoke, etc. Cleansing creams are not only fast and efficient, but they also have active ingredients that take care of the skin, do not damage it, and make it look fresh, healthy and radiant for longer.

A good skincare routine should have a cleansing cream. They not only help to combat environmental impurities, but also protect against possible irritation, premature aging, the appearance of pimples or blackheads, etc.. Just keep in mind that although they are necessary products, their excessive use can alter the skin barrier of your skin. Do not use more than twice a day.

Micellar water to cleanse your face

Micellar water is the star product for removing makeup from your skin without damaging it. Not only does it effortlessly remove dirt and makeup, but it also cleanses, tones and repels moisture, leaving your skin hydrated.

The basis of this product is micelles, a set of molecules that attract dirt and oil from the skin and then remove it. There are many micellar water formulas that adapt to each skin type, although in general its composition does not irritate, leaves no residue or feeling of tightness and leaves a silky skin. It is perfect for sensitive areas of the face, such as the neck, neckline, eyes and lips.

Facial cleansing: gels, creams and cleansing milks

Although gels, creams and cleansing milks have the same function, their composition and texture are different. If your skin type is normal or dry, the ideal is a cream or cleansing milk that provides extra hydration to your face. For oily or combination skin, a gel cleanser is best to help reduce excess sebum and leave your skin feeling fresh and soft.