Hair conditioners

Take care of your hair thanks to the conditioners that you can find in Sabina.

A step that cannot be missed in your hair care and washing routine is the use of conditioner, as it provides softness, hydration and helps make styling easier and less damaging. And just as in the case of shampoo, there are conditioners for all hair types and at Sabina you will get the best from big brands such as KÉRASTASE, THE BODY SHOP, REDKEN, KIEHL'S, OLAPLEX and many more. Buy the best brands and with the best prices.

What does a conditioner do

The benefits of conditioners are many! They can do wonders for your hair if you use it correctly and according to your hair type, so at Sabina we guide you a bit. The main objective of conditioning shampoos is to soften the hair so that detangling it is much easier and more comfortable, but beyond this they can provide hydration, help repair or maintain a color or discoloration, avoid frizz / frizz or fall, add volume or keep curls and straight.

So first you must know what you want to add to your hair. If you want a conditioner that repairs, at Sabina we have several options such as the BOND MAINTENANCE CONDITIONER Nº5 by Olaplex, the BIOLAGE FIBERSTRONG CONDITIONER by Matrix, the ABSOLUT REPAIR GOLD CONDITIONER by Loreal Professionnel or the ACIDIC BONDING CONCENTRATE by Redken.

If you're looking to add volume to your hair, you might be interested in RICE AND WHEAT VOLUMIZING CONDITIONING RINSE by Kiehl’s, BIOLAGE FULLDENSITY CONDITIONER by Matrix or EXTRA VOLUMEN CONDITIONER by Moroccanoil.

For blonde, gray or platinum hair, at Sabina we have the best conditioners: BLONDIFIER CONDITIONER or SILVER NEUTRALISING CREAM CONDITIONER both from Loreal Professionnel and TOTAL RESULTS SO SILVER CONDITIONER from Matrix.

For any type of hair you have the ALL SOFT CONDITIONER by Redken or the AMINO ACID CONDITIONER by Kiehl’s. Discover the whole variety of conditioners from Sabina and do not forget to buy the shampoo from the same range to obtain better results.

How to properly apply conditioning shampoo

The basic rule when using conditioners is to apply to wet hair from medium to ends, leave on for a few seconds while massaging and rinse with plenty of water to remove any residue of the product. Always after shampooing! But you should keep in mind that some conditioners, especially those for dry hair or restoratives, can be applied from roots to ends. A tip from Sabina: use cold water in the last wash of your hair, as it will help keep it hydrated and add more shine.

Differences between conditioner and mask

If you've ever wondered what the difference is between conditioner and mask, we have the answer: many, even if they are believed to be the same. First, the objective: while the conditioner seeks to soften and make detangling easier (in addition to its specific contributions according to the brand), the mask seeks to deeply nourish the hair. This brings us to the second point, the time of use and its frequency: the conditioner can be rinsed off at the moment, it is not necessary to wait minutes for it to act and can be used in each wash, while the mask must be left between 3 and 15 minutes and is used once a week. Third, and last, its texture: The conditioner is lighter and the mask has a thicker consistency. Of course, both are used from medium to ends and must be rinsed very well.