When Christian Dior founded his fashion house in 1946, he envisioned a new femininity, a sublime femininity without precedent. Today, from dresses to accessories, from perfumes to lipsticks, to the most expert treatment, the Maison Dior enhances women's beauty by bringing luminosity and modernity


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Christian Dior founded his fashion brand in 1946, since then designs, generates and markets trendy items and accessories such as shoes, jewelry and watches as well as cosmetics, perfumes, facial care treatments and makeup items. Dior is characterized by its elegant and select style. In Sabina you will find a wide section of Dior makeup, cosmetics and perfumery products for him and her. Find everything you need to make your face look healthy and healthy and leave your mark with your new fragrance.

Dior Perfumes

The most famous and successful perfumes bear the stamp of Dior. Since its inception, this firm represents the perfect union between style and aroma and we all know that a good outfit is not ready if it is not accompanied by a good fragrance.

Dior has become an essential reference of international perfumery thanks to its variety of fragrances with magnetic, floral and fruity aromas, undoubtedly unmistakable scents. Today there are a multitude of essences in multiple designs and none of them loses its exquisiteness and exclusivity.

In our catalog we offer a wide selection of original Dior perfumes, Dior fragrances and Dior colognes for women and men at incredible prices. Find your favorite perfume or that fragrance you dream of at Sabina.

Women's perfumes

Dior women's perfumes represent the strength of today's woman. They contain unique aromas, with spicy touches and woody essences giving elegance and a unique style to every woman who wears it. Perfect perfumes to leave a mark anywhere.

Discover the most iconic Dior women's perfumes:

  • Miss Dior. The new eau de parfum is a breath of optimism and life. Florida and fresh, it's perfect for everyday wear.
  • J'Adore. A floral fragrance that reveals notes of ylang-ylang, damascena rose, jasmine grandiflorum de Grasse and Indian jasmine sambac. An incredibly seductive composition.
  • Dolce Vita. The scent of happiness, this perfume evokes joy with its fruity and floral blend of cinnamon and cedar. It undoubtedly embodies the spirit of Dior in all its splendor.

Men's perfumes

Among the wide and varied catalog of Dior perfumes, we find the most personal, intense and authentic men's fragrances. A masculine, sensual and woody scent that represents the most captivating and original man.

Discover the iconic Dior men's fragrances:

  • Dior Homme. A perfume with leather accents, soft and intense, with a subtle concentration. Wearing this perfume is like wearing a tailor-made suit
  • Sauvage. Fresh and woody, it is ideal to spray after shaving.
  • Fahrenheit. A unique fragrance with fresh notes of Sicilian mandarin, wood and leather.

Dior Makeup

Dior makeup is a hymn to color and creation. With luxury quality and a variety of shades and colors. Products that guarantee maximum coverage, duration of more than 24 hours and easy to apply textures. When you buy luxury brands you notice the quality. Makeup foundations, lipsticks, mascara...everything you are looking for is in our catalog. If you want to highlight your beauty at the best price, in Sabina we offer you Dior makeup products perfect for all skin types. Professional quality Dior makeup products at the best price, enjoy beauty!

Dior Cosmetics

Dior is an expert in transforming skin into natural perfection. Dior Laboratories researches therapeutic discoveries and skin rejuvenation, achieving specialized products for skin rejuvenation, hydration and recovery. Combat any type of mistreatment of your skin with Dior cosmetics. From dark circles and eye bags to dry skin. Any type of treatment you need is in Sabina.

Skin care treatments

The face is our image and deserves to be cared for. The years, stress and daily exposure to the sun take their toll, leaving after-effects such as imperfections on our skin. Dior offers all kinds of treatments to pamper and firm your face. Exfoliating scrubs, serums, moisturizers, anti-aging creams and many more. Discover the Dior treatment, 50 years of floral science at the service of beauty. Find the most suitable treatments for you, whatever your skin type and recover the natural appearance of your face with the best Dior treatments. Everything you are looking for is at Sabina.