Manicure sets

Take care of your nails with Sabina's range of manicure products: nourishing cream, serum, fixative gel and more products to take care of your nails. Having healthy and strong nails helps us to give a very good image and improve our self-esteem, so it goes hand in hand with good hand care. Do you dare to create your manicure routine? Basic and adequate care will enhance the appearance of your nails and hands.

The best manicure kit for perfect nails

Our hands and feet are exposed every day to a lot of activity, washing, external agents and temperature changes. All this directly affects our nails, that's why having a manicure and pedicure set at hand will help you to give them a proper treatment, making them healthy and ready to apply some colour with your favourite nail polish.

What's the best way to take care of your nails? First, wear gloves when doing household chores with products that can weaken them. Second, keep them hydrated and nourished with creams or serums. Third, trim your nails properly, preferably after showering or after soaking them for 10 minutes using a good nail clipper. Fourth, you can file them after cutting them, always in the same direction avoiding the back and forth movement. Fourth, use nail strengthener or protective bases in your routine. Lastly, don't forget to use nail polish removers without acetone, as it dries and weakens, and try to let your nails breathe for a few days between colors.

What should a nail kit have?

As we have told you before, nowadays there is a wide range of nail care products on the market to get a proper manicure and pedicure at home. In Sabina we have the best Dior solutions to help you, such as the daily nourishing cream or serum to help regeneration and growth; the fortifying protective base; the fixing gel or the soft solvent without acetone.