Choose your hairbrush from the wide range in our catalogue Brushes and combs for clean and well-groomed hair at Sabina. Few people know that there are different types of brushes and combs for different types of hair: the one that tangles very easy, the straight, the curly, to use with the dryer, for short or long hair, there are for everything!

Wide range of combs and brushes

The range of combs and brushes that you will get in Sabina is varied, not only because you get them according to your hair type but also because you have them in different materials and from big brands like Beter and Tangle Teezer. So you can discover which is the one that best suits your type and style: the skeleton, the detanglingbackcombing, afro, styling and many more.

What kind of brush do you need?

The most important thing! On Sabina we tell you a little about each brush and comb so you can choose the one you need

The skeletonbrush is ideal for styling short hair and if you use a hairdryer (short or long), the best for shaping your hair and distributing heat correctly is the cylindrical or circularbrush. The paddlebrush is great for long hair and can help you with the blow dryer, as it covers a lot of hair. The pneumaticbrushes give looseness and help detangle hair while stimulating the scalp with their teeth.

The backcombingcomb is used to polish details of a hairstyle and its tip helps us to separate strands of hair. For curly hair, the basic for a long time, the afrocomb is perfect for volume and styling or you can also opt for the stylingcomb. Other combs that we all usually have at home are the sifter y whiskgood for straight hair because they prevent frizz.

Anti-tangle brush

It deserves a special mention because the anti-tangle brushes (o detangling) are the most sought after nowadays, as they are suitable for any type of hair, whether it's short or long, dry or wet. Its small shape is very practical (it fits in the palm of your hand) and its teeth allow you to detangle your hair easily, without tugging and without pain. At Sabina you can get different models of the brand Tangle Teezer, such as The Original Plum Delicious, Compact Styler Purple Dazzle or the Compact Groomer Silverand from Beter a anti-tangle brush with wizard