Self-tanners and tanning creams

If you think that brown skin is just a summer thing, it's because you still don't know Sabina's range of self-tanners for all skin types. Sun creams for body and face, sprays, oils or gels from big brands such as Biotherm, Lancôme, Clarins and Clinique that will not only give a natural tanned tone to your skin, but will also keep it hydrated and protected. If you have any questions, remember that you can consult our beauty advisers for free.

What is the best self tanner?

When you are looking for the perfect self-tanner you must take into account several factors: your skin type, if the product you choose requires previous care or treatments (for some it is better to exfoliate the skin before) or later (not all have a protection factor, so it would be good if you have some sunscreen) and the time of effect (if it is immediate or gradual).

So what is the best self tanner? At Sabina we guide you! If your skin is dry, it is best to use a self-tanning oil such as Sun beauty satin sheen oil fast tan optimizer spf30 or Sun 365 self tan gradual self tanning oil, both from Lancaster.

For normal skin you can use a lotion like Self tan self tanning milky lotion or Self tan radiance-plus golden glow booster, both from Clarins.

For normal to oily skin, you can use the ultra-light quick-drying spray or drop format. At Sabina we have for you the Magic Self-Tanning Body Drops and the 360º Self-Tanning Spray, both from Collistar.

Cream or lotion bronzer?

As you've already seen, your skin type has a lot to do with choosing a bronzer or self-tanner. But among the tanning cream or lotion options, you have it easier: if your skin is normal to dry, it is best to opt for a cream, since it will provide more nutrition; If your skin is normal to oily, opt for a lotion as these are light in texture and absorb faster, leaving a less oily sensation.

Facial self tanners

If you want to add color to your face, you no longer need to use bronzing powders because self-tanning face creams are here to stay. At Sabina we have several options from major brands such as Clinique, Sisley, Lancaster, Lancôme or Biotherm. Select the format that best suits your skin type (serum, cream or gel), and look tanned all year long!