Eyeshadows and Shadow Palettes

Discover the latest eye shadow news from Sabina. A wide variety of tones and effects to get the most out of your eyes.

They say that the eyes are the windows of the soul. And what better way to bring out all your beauty and vitality than with the right eyeshadow? At Sabina we want to put at your disposal the widest range of shadow palettes, so that you can choose the one that best suits each occasion. Do you want a dark palette for an evening event? We have it! Maybe you are looking for more pastel tones for day to day, you will find them here too! Give life to your eyes and dazzle everyone with your look.

Best eyeshadows

Your eyes will take center stage thanks to the best eyeshadows that we offer you at Sabina. If you are looking to highlight the natural color of your eyes and give depth to your look, here you will find a large selection of shadows, of the highest quality and with the most sought-after colors. The result will be an eye makeup that will captivate everyone and that will make you feel confident and sexy with every step you take.

Cream eyeshadows

Our catalog includes cream eyeshadows, which are super easy to apply, have a wide variety of colors and will give your face luminosity. They have a creamy texture and tones that range from the most neutral and modern, to the most colorful or even matte. Illuminate, sculpt and define your eyes, while achieving a natural tone, both for your day to day and in a special event. And do not forget to complement your shadow with the eye makeup products that we offer you at Sabina, so that you are always 10.

Shadow palettes for beginners

We have a variety of eyeshadow palettes that you can use if you are a beginner and just starting out in the world of eye makeup. From palettes with few colors to palettes with many shades, so you can play with them and feel comfortable using them. Don't be afraid to try unique combinations that highlight your look and define your personality. And if you still have doubts about which palette to choose to start with, our team of beauty advisors will be happy to guide you. Our mission is that you feel confident, secure and empowered in your day to day, and that this is reflected in your eyes.