Lip balms and lip balms

The weather can spoil your lips, that's why at Sabina we offer you a wide range of lip protectors for summer or winter.

The skin of the lips is very different from the skin on the rest of the face. Although we usually use lipsticks and other products to colour our lips, we often forget to protect them properly to protect them properly. The sun, excessive heat or cold, humidity and other environmental factors can damage the appearance of our lips damage the appearance of our lips and give that feeling of dryness, that's why it is necessary to choose the right protector for each season.

Thinking about how important it is to to keep your lips hydrated, soft andsoft and with a natural pink color, in Sabina we want to put at your disposal a wide variety of lip protectors, whichare suitable for all adapt to all climates and that you can use all year round.

How to properly moisturize your lips?

To keep your lips lips hydrated, fleshy and with an attractive natural pink color, the ideal is to use products that help us to avoid drynessThe ideal is to use products that help us to avoid dryness and the feeling of chapped lips. At winter a lip balm will be our best friend to prevent dryness caused by cold temperatures and winds. In summer we will protect this skin with a lip sunscreen with a minimum of at least SPF 20, to avoid sunburn and sun spots.

Find the lip balm you need

At Sabina we have a wide range of sunscreens so that you can find the one that best find the one that best suits your needs. If you are looking for a sunscreen that does not add shine, flavour or colour, we have what you are looking for. If, on the other hand, you are looking to add a little colour to your lips while protecting them, we also have an option for you. The best thing is that cocoa lip butters lip butters come in convenient stick formatsthat are super easy to apply and convenient to carry around. So that your lips your lips are always perfect.

Lip sunscreen

Although we love to sunbathe in summer, the truth is that one of our biggest enemies is that one of our biggest enemies if you want to have a healthy and young skin. This includes the skin on your lips. Lip sunscreens not only have a protective and repairing protective and repairing function, but also help to prevent wrinkles prevent wrinkles, sun spots and ageingas well as dryness and chapping. This way your skin will look elastic, soft and luminous for longer. Do not hesitate to protect your lips all year round.