After Sun

Hydrate and calm your skin after sunbathing with the After Sun cream range available at Sabina. Your best buy and the solution to recover cell damage.

After a day at the beach, after hours and hours of sun exposure, you will notice how your skin suffers more dryness, redness and even inflammation. Your body needs a moisturizer that soothes your skin. On our website we have a wide variety of after sun products at affordable prices, look healthier and brighter skin after sunbathing.

What does the after Sun do

The after sun allows you to refresh and reduce the burning sensation caused by solar radiation. They have a wide variety of soothing ingredients, allowing regeneration and skin care, and prevents dryness, burns and reddened areas from excess sun.

In summer it is essential to use after sun if you want to have a perfect tan. By applying this lotion, the skin is hydrated and regenerated, allowing our tan to last longer and be more uniform.

Search and protect your skin this summer, a variety of quality brands are waiting for you at Sabina.

When is it convenient to use after sun

Aftersun is used at a very specific time: after having exposed the skin to the sun. After a day at the beach and sun it is important to take a good shower, to remove sand, sweat and traces of sunscreen. It is recommended that it be with warm water, since cold water dries out your skin and hot water can damage it.

After your bath ritual is when you should apply the after sun all over your body and face. You will see how your skin quickly absorbs the cream and how a feeling of freshness and calm takes over.

If you want to know more about this lotion or have any questions, our beauty advisors will guide you to find the best after sun for you.

What is better, after sun or aloe vera?

Everyone knows the properties of aloe vera, in fact, many cosmetic products include it as an active ingredient. It is used to soothe the skin and as an antiseptic in burns, some even apply it when returning from the beach.

But it is the after sun products that have the hydration that your skin needs after a high exposure to the sun. Also, make your tan last longer and be more uniform.

If you don't give importance to after sun now you have no excuse. To show off healthier and brighter skin, choose this lotion. The best brands and with the quality you deserve are available at Sabina.