Summer perfumes for women

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Did you know that heat and excessive sweating affect the duration of the perfume and its smell? That's why we can't use the same perfume in summer that we use in winter. During this time of the year we look for softer, lighter fragrances, with citrus or fruity scents that accompany us throughout the day, despite the weather.

In Sabina we want you to find the ideal summer perfume for women for you. Therefore, we offer you a wide variety of colognes and fragrances with fruity, woody and sweet scents, as well as soft aromas that give you the feeling of freshness and freedom. Choose the one that best suits your personality and use it every day.

How to choose a perfume for summer

During the summer we tend to move more and spend more time outdoors. The natural sweating, added to the typical heat of the season, cause the chemical factors in perfumes to alter and therefore last less. To avoid this, the ideal is to choose eau de cologne or soft perfumes, so that their fragrance lasts longer. Here are the main fresh perfumes for this season:

  • Floral: the romantic fragrance by nature. It gives a sensation of aroma and natural beauty.
  • Citrus: light, refreshing and energizing, they are synonymous with joy, fun and good vibes. Ideal for everyday wear.
  • Woody: nature at its best. Here we find the deepest aromas of the forest, passing through sandalwood and cedar.
  • Fruity: these perfumes convey joy and brightness. They have a sparkling and stimulating aroma that accompanies you all day long.

The best fresh perfumes for summer

Enjoy the summer to the fullest while your favorite scents accompany you all day. In Sabina we have the best-selling brands of perfumes and colognes on the market, as well as the most durable. Find the scent that best suits your personality and feel the freshness at every step.

Among the most prominent brands we have: