Hair straighteners

Get perfectly straight hair with these great hair straighteners. Quality plates for a professional result at the best price in Sabina.

If you want to show off shiny hair with perfect straightening, you should choose a professional straightener, ensuring that it has the highest quality and does not spoil your hair. When working with heat it is easy to damage your hair, even burn it. That is why at Sabinas we have the best plates. Achieve an impeccable look with the greatest security.

The best hair straighteners for a professional result

The irons provide heat through their plates, being in direct contact with the hair. It is essential that they slide well through the hair, without snagging it, that is why we must pay attention to the material.

The plates with ceramic material are the best option. They offer a stable temperature and guarantee a long life. Look for the most professional and quality irons to obtain the best results: a healthy and smooth mane.

At Sabina we have the best brands on the market. Like GHD, the most demanded brand and recommended by professionals. Thanks to their innovative and modern models, they have the most advanced and combined technology so that your hair does not suffer any damage during ironing. Do not look any further! Buy at Sabina.

Much more than a hair straightener

Tell us what hair you have and we will tell you what iron you need. The thickness of the plates varies depending on your needs, you have to know which one best suits your hair.

Narrow plates are perfect for thin hair or with little volume, plus they are useful for creating waves and curls.

If you have thick and abundant hair or long hair and want to straighten it, you should choose the iron with wide plates.

Shape, wave or straighten your hair with the most professional hair straighteners on the market at Sabina.