Find the blushers that suit you best cream, liquid and powder blushes from top brands. Order online at Sabina. Giving a touch of blush to our face helps us to give color, freshness and dimension every day, so we tell you what are the best brands and types of blushes types of blushers that exist, so you can get the best one for you.

The blushes of the best cosmetics brands

The blush can do a lot using very little, that's why it has to be a must-have in your make-up routine. At Sabina you'll find great brands like Shiseido, Urban Decay, Clinique, Lancôme, Sisley and many more.

But to know which one is your favorite, you must know the different formats in which you will get the blush. Nowadays there are many more options than the typical pressed powder blush: you have liquid, cream, loose powder and even stick blushes. Choose the texture you feel most comfortable with!

What kind of blusher do you need?

The blush helps you to simulate a blush or to better define your features, enhancing your cheekbones, all depending on the look you want to achieve or the colour of your skin. For fair skinpink tones will always bring naturalness and freshness. On dark skins we get the same using brown tones and to highlight more, copper tones. Also decide if you prefer a matte or shimmer blusher.

But there are no rules with blusher! Try different shades (pinks and browns) to find the one that suits you best. Earth tones can look great on fair skin for an evening event and an old pink can make dark skin look radiant. At Sabina we have for you more than 30 shades of blusher.

Blusher with highlighter, how to get the best result

Yes, there is also the highlighter blusher! You can get it in a single tone or even in 3 and 4 together, to give a greater effect. Here the technique is important, as we want to get luminosity, so the basic thing is to have a good brush o brush. The next thing is to know how to apply your favorite blusher like an expert, so you should use circular movements on your cheek and take it gently to the temple, giving height to the cheekbone.

Two tips from Sabina? One, apply sparingly, you don't want to overdo it with color. Two, apply your blush last as you'll see the effect and the amount of color your face needs and you'll avoid removing it while applying everything else.