Cosmetics for eyelashes and eyebrows

Buy the best cosmetic products for eyebrows and eyelashes for women in Sabina. The best brands and great discounts throughout the year.

Having long and voluminous eyelashes is possible. The best mascaras and treatments for eyelashes are on our website. Is that not enough? We also have the best makeup for your eyebrows. Define and shape them with the most professional brands on the market, all at incredible prices! Only here, in Sabina.

Care for your eyebrows and eyelashes

Are your eyebrows and eyelashes sparse, dull or shapeless? Discover all the products dedicated to the care and treatment of eyebrows and eyelashes that we have in our catalogue. Innovative and effective cosmetics to enhance your natural beauty and achieve a spectacular look.

Eyebrows and eyelashes influence our look, so they must be cared for and pampered. For your eyelashes to grow strong and healthy, it is best to eat a complete and healthy diet and always remove make-up before going to bed. Cleansing rituals are very important for a healthy and luminous face.

In your daily ritual it is important to add treatments to strengthen your eyebrows and eyelashes. Gaining the length and volume that your look deserves. It gives a healthier and more sophisticated look, even when you don't wear make-up, at Sabina.

Improves eyelash growth

The best allies to beautify your look, without damaging your eyebrows and eyelashes, are on our website. A large catalogue with different products to improve the growth of your eyelashes and give them the volume they deserve.

Serum, eyeliners, mascaras... And much more! Get a much more impressive look, showing off fuller, longer and denser eyelashes in the easiest way you can imagine.

Improve your image in any event or in your daily routine with the best mascaras of eyelashes. The most professional brands with specific formulas to give you the best look. With the eyeliners you will get to give the shape you always wanted to your eyebrows. In addition, we have a wide range of serums to make your eyelashes and eyebrows grow naturally. Look no further, we have everything your eyelashes and eyebrows need.

Eyelash serum

Stress, the passage of time or not caring for our eyelashes properly can weaken them. That's why it's important to use cosmetics that help revitalize them.

The eyelash serum has a clinically proven efficacy. It will help to improve the condition of your eyelashes, making them stronger, denser and fuller. In our catalogue you will find the best eyelash serums from the best brands on the market.

The best way to make your eyebrows grow

Our face deserves to be pampered and cared for, to get the most out of it and completely transform our look, eyelash and eyebrow serums will become our inseparable friend.

To achieve the best results, the serum should be used daily, always at night and even in the morning. Do it gently and loosely, using the brush that comes with it. Apply from root to tip, in the case of eyelashes, do it on both the upper and lower lashes.

In a few days you will see that your eyelashes are nourished and enriched thanks to its ingredients and clinically proven formulas. Don't forget to always do it without makeup! Ready to show off a stunning look? Buy your serum here.

Eyebrow Serum

Sparse brows are very unattractive and can quickly become an annoying blemish. If you have uneven or hollow brows, brow serum is your solution.

Get perfectly arched, thicker and fuller eyebrows. Solving the lack of density and preventing the fall. The best brands are waiting for you at Sabina.