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A timelessly iconic fragrance, reinvented for the future

Giorgio Armani presents ACQUA DI GIÒ EAU DE PARFUM: a new interpretation of the iconic ACQUA DI GIÒ fragrance that looks to the future. ACQUA DI GIÒ EAU DE PARFUM embodies Giorgio Armani's commitment to sustainability: eco-conceived, refillable and composed of consciously sourced ingredients. Offsetting any remaining carbon emissions through a program of reforestation and conservation projects, ACQUA DI GIÒ EAU DE PARFUM ultimately achieves carbon neutrality. With an awareness of the environment woven into its creation, ACQUA DI GIÒ EAU DE PARFUM is a fragrance for the future.

The luminous, aromatic ingredients include those that are natural and sustainably sourced. With notes of bright green mandarin, sage heart and patchouli essence, this new look to the iconic Giorgio Armani men's fragrance collection creates a serene yet sensual effect that lingers on the skin.

The iconic ACQUA DI GIÒ bottle is now reinvented as infinitely refillable, to become a beautiful object that lasts.


ACQUA DI GIÒ EAU DE PARFUM opens with bright, natural, green mandarin from Calabria in Italy, with this radiant note emblematic of Giorgio Armani's Mediterranean roots.

The opulent heart of the fragrance is composed of a heart of sage from Provence, aromatic, warm and mineral like ""ambergris"", with this note created for Giorgio Armani and sustainably sourced. This is blended with fresh lavandin and the bourbon heart of geranium from Madagascar, which gives a masculine and floral facet to the fragrance.

The base of ACQUA DI GIÒ EAU DE PARFUM encapsulates an olfactory savoir-faire, with essence of Guatemalan patchouli. The woody, balsamic and earthy qualities of patchouli, which bring depth and strength to the fragrance, merge with the warm scent of Atlas cedarwood and the heart of crisp, shimmering vetiver, sustainably sourced in Haiti.

Fragrance ingredients encompass those that are natural and sustainably sourced, and include those whose origins are certified, ensuring traceability. The fragrance's sustainably sourced ingredients include hand-selected green mandarin from southern Italy; sage harvested in Provence, southern France; and vetiver from Haiti. The patchouli comes from Guatemala and is harvested through solidarity programs, which means that Giorgio Armani guarantees decent working conditions and fair prices for farmers, and supports access to some primary needs for the community, such as access to clean water.


The iconic acqua di giò flacon is reinterpreted for ACQUA DI GIÒ EAU DE PARFUM with a new statement look. Its sleek, masculine lines are now crafted in clear glass . The minimal and transparent glass, up to 15% of which is recycled for the refillable formats and 25% for the refill bottle, showcases the crystalline, clear and pure-looking juice of the fragrance.

All sizes of ACQUA DI GIÒ EAU DE PARFUM are refillable. Refillable bottles are designed so that the refill bottle attaches without a nozzle, allowing the fragrance to decant effortlessly and smoothly into the original bottle. The outer box is made from the same FSC-certified card as that of all Giorgio Armani fragrances, while the refill packaging contains no cellophane.

The use of the refillable format of ACQUA DI GIÒ EAU DE PARFUM represents a saving of 43% in the use of glass, 22% in the use of plastic, 67% in the use of metal and 19% in the use of paper, compared to using the equivalent volume of three existing 75 ml ACQUA DI GIÒ spray bottles.


The creation and carbon neutral status of ACQUA DI GIÒ EAU DE PARFUM underscores Giorgio Armani's commitment to the planet and the people who inhabit it.

The fragrance bottle has eco-conception at its heart, with its refill, design choices, including its materials, as well as the conscious sourcing of its ingredients.

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