OLAPLEX hair cosmetics can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home. All of these products contain the active substance OLAPLEX, which alone is capable of reconstructing hair disulfide bonds. The result is solid, healthy and shiny hair that does not break or fray. OLAPLEX hair care ensures the elimination of hair damage during chemical intervention.

The professional OLAPLEX range is designed for hairdressers (professionals only). The use of these products requires technical knowledge of hairdressing to achieve the desired results. The Olaplex brand represents a completely original hair cosmetic to prevent hair damage during dyeing. It is a unique chemical formula that can multiply and restore broken disulfide bonds. Dyeing your hair has never been safer! The founders of Olaplex are Dr. Eric Pressly and Dr. Craig Hawker, world leaders in materials and chemistry. Together they invented a chemical component that, without silicones and mineral oils, restores broken bonds in the hair during and after chemical treatment.

We can say that Olaplex has been permanently involved in the hairdressing industry. Many hairdressing salons use and trust this brand and pride themselves on the quality of the products supplied and the quality of their work.


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