Biotherm is a French brand that was founded in 1952 and has quickly become a benchmark in cosmetic care. In fact, if there is one thing that has always characterized Biotherm; It is undoubtedly the fact that biology was the core of all the conceptions of the brand. It is this biological research that has allowed Biotherm,for example, to decide to put thermal plankton in all its products, to provide them with a unique peculiarity and efficiency. Today too; Biotherm uses thermal plankton, although it is now reproduced by a complex biofermentation system, as Biotherm discovered very quickly that this plant has the ability to stimulate the skin's natural defenses.

Biotherm's mission is to create and sell cosmetics, both for the face and body, that men and women can use. In addition, all of Biotherm's research focuses on one goal: to create products that meet the needs of all skin types.


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