Sun care: bronzers, sunscreens, after sun

The best products for skin care against the sun: protectors, self-tanners, after sun, moisturizing lotions ... Always in Sabina.

Sunscreens, after sun creams and moisturizing lotions in general are the finishing touch to a correct skincare routine. If we do not protect the skin from the sun's rays, we are not doing anything to take care of it. Knowing how important it is to use these products to care for and prevent spots and wrinkles, at Sabina we want to put at your disposal the widest variety of sunscreens on the market. Here you will find the protector you were looking for. They are designed to protect the face, body and even the lips, always in the format that you like the most.

Sun care for face and body

The skin of the body and face are totally different and need specific products for their care. If your skin type is oily, the ideal is to choose sunscreens that do not include oils and it is preferable that they have a gel base or are aqueous. On many occasions oily skin is delicate, choose a product that is hypoallergenic if that is your case. If your skin is of a mixed type, you can choose protectors that contain chemical and physical ingredients and if, on the contrary, your skin is dry, the best will be protectors that include oils.

What does the sun protection factor mean?

The sun protection factor (SPF) measures the protective capacity it has against the harmful effects of ultraviolet type B (UVB) radiation. That is to say, it is the time that we can be in the sun without redness or sunburn appearing on our skin.

This time is measured by calculating the number of SPF multiplied by 10. So, if the sunscreen is SPF 15, the total time in which you can be exposed to the sun without burning your skin will be 150 minutes.

Which SPF to choose according to your skin

Depending on the skin phototype, a specific SPF is recommended for the body. Typically, a sunscreen with SPF 15 is for brown, dark, or tanned skin. For lighter skin, the ideal is a protector from SPF 30 and if the skin is very light or with freckles, the best protection will be SPF 50.

Here it is also important to take into account your skin type, for oily skin it is recommended a gel, spray or mousse format. For dry skin, the best is the sunscreen format in ointment, ointment or moisturizing cream. If your skin type is mixed, the use of gel or cream protectors will favor you and if your skin is sensitive it is best to consult a specialist to see which one suits you best.

How to protect your skin from the sun correctly

We always remember to protect our skin from the sun when summer arrives and when the radiation is so strong that we can almost feel it when we go outside. But the reality is that all experts in the field recommend using sunscreen throughout the year, even in winter, even when indoors. And if we are more strict with their recommendation, some will even say that you should touch up your face protector every 2-3 hours. This will help you avoid blemishes and wrinkles, while keeping your skin looking younger for longer.