La Prairie

When we talk about La Prairie, we are not only talking about cosmetics, but this name goes hand in hand with medicine. It all began with Doctor Paul Niehans in Switzerland in 1931 at the La Prairie Clinic, where thanks to his pioneering studies in cell therapy this clinic became the most visited by the great personalities of the moment, such as Pope Pius XII, in search of eternal beauty and youth. Dr. Niehans' studies developed over the years to create the Cellular Complex inspired by the rejuvenation treatments of the La Prairie clinic, the best kept secret of the brand to this day. As a result of the daily work of experts, different ranges of products suitable for all tastes, skins and needs have been brought out thanks to their four exceptional ingredients: gold, platinum, white caviar and caviar. Exclusive and different products, but with the same objective: the search for eternal beauty. Why add years to life if you can add life to years?