Differences between EDP, EDT and EDC.

Differences between EDP, EDT and EDC.

Published 2017-05-17

Find out what EDP, EDT and EDC stand for in the world of fragrances

EDP, EDT and EDC - familiar with these acronyms? if you're a lover of fragrances, you've heard of them or even heard of them, you'll know what they mean or know what they mean

Today we'll explain what it's all about. Does Eau de Parfum ring a bell? Well, that's where the shots go. You'll become a real expert and expert. Are you ready to find out what this EDP, EDT and EDC thing is? Let's go!

Differences between perfume and cologne

Before going into detail and defining what the acronyms EDP, EDT and EDC are, let's take a short break and explain the differences between perfume and cologne.

Perfumes are made from natural or synthetic essential oils, including water and high-grade alcohol, which fixes the perfume, i.e. if it is more or less resistant to odour, it is the concentration of these oils that gives it its hold; the higher the concentration, the longer the fragrance remains on the skin

However, when we talk about cologne we are referring to fragrances that have a high alcoholic level and a low concentration of essential oils, which are around 2% and 4%. 5% to 12% of the alcohol in colognes is concentrated in high concentrations

Once we have understood the main differences between a perfume and a cologne, let us now define what the abbreviations EDP, EDT and EDC are.

EDP, EDT and EDC. What are they?

These acronyms are used as abbreviations to classify a fragrance, they appear mainly on websites and online stores that sell fragrances such as perfumes and colognes, and you've probably already seen them at the Sabina Perfumery online store!

EDP: Eau de Parfum: Now it's true? Yes, that's what EDP is all about, and it's defined as perfume water - we usually talk about deep, intense aromas (remember the high concentration of essential oils) and longer-lasting, we invite you to go to our online perfume shop and discover all the EDP fragrances we have for you, such as La Vie Est Belle Eau de Parfum de Lancôme

EDT: Eau de Toilette, also known as toilet water, the fragrance here is made with less essential oils, so its aroma does not last as long and is lighter, and a classic EDT that does last over time is the Amor Amor Eau de Toilette de Cacharel

EDC: Eau de Cologne - This type of fragrance has the lowest concentration of essential oils and is therefore the lightest and shortest of all, ideal for cooling and use, especially in daily life or summer periods, EDCs are probably the most commonly used fragrances for children, a clear example of which is Tous Kids Girl Eau de Cologne.

Now that you know what EDP, EDT and EDC mean, all that's left to do is to go for your favourite fragrance, more or less intense, whether it lasts long on your skin or not, and it will all depend on your tastes and needs.

Visit our online perfumery and we will send you the EDP, EDT or EDC fragrance you prefer.

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Differences between EDP, EDT and EDC.